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Invicta FC 3 Michelle Waterson vs Lacey Schuckman

Lacey Schuckman vs Michelle Waterson

Round 1 – Waterson getting her kick on early. Schuckman stalking her. Schuckman lands a big kick, then comes forward with punches. Waterson steps back and laces her with a big kick. They hit the ground and Schuckman is on top but Waterson has her neck. Waterson going for the guillotine. Schuckman frees her head then moves to full mount. Waterson rolls giving up her back and Schuckman immediately looks for the choke. Schuckman softening her up with left hands. Back to the rear naked attempt now. Waterson is battling two-on-one to survive. Schuckman back to the left hands now. Waterson rolls and sneaks a leg in. Schuckman still on top in the half guard. Waterson gets her other leg inside and retains guard. Waterson going with a very high guard. She transitions to the armbar now. It looks tight. A scramble ensues and Waterson is on top now. She backs off and they get back to the stand up. Schuckman comes forward and closes the distance so Waterson can’t get off from the outside. Waterson on the cage now. Knee just before the bell. PMN scores the first round for Schuckman, 10-9.

Round 2 – Big right hand from Waterson. Knees now. Big right hook from Waterson. She’s circling out as Schuckman stalks. Schuckman goes high with the kick but misses. Leg kick Waterson. Waterson with an exe kick. Schuckman catches the foot and pays for it. Waterson lands a couple of right hands inside. Schuckman now looking for the takedown on the cage. Schuckman snatches a leg and they hit the mat but it’s Waterson that lands on top and on the back. Waterson looking to sneak her arm under the chin. Schuckman escapes the choke, but still has Waterson on top. Left hands from Waterson now. Schuckman doing a good job controlling the posture of Waterson so far. Right hands now from the top. Short hammerfists now from Waterson. Schuckman still locking up the body of Waterson keeping the punishment to a minimum. Under a minute to go now. Waterson tries to work to sidemount but Schuckman retains full guard. Waterson landing some ground and pound now to the bell. End of Round. That one goes to Waterson, 10-9.

Round 3 – Kick from both to start the final frame. This round could decide it. Lead right hand from Waterson. Leg kick from Waterson. Schuckman a little hesitant to start. Spinning head kick from Waterson. Winging left hand from Schuckman misses. Schuckman’s corner is screaming for her to engage. Another leg kick. Schuckman wades in with a flurry of lefts. Knee from Waterson as she pushes off and steps away. Nice work by Waterson. She dips in, lands, and steps out. A takedown could decide the fight and Waterson is staying on the outside to avoid that. Schuckman clinches and nearly gets the takedown. Waterson is fighting off the takedown on the cage. So far she has. Foot stomps from Schuckman. Elbows from Waterson. Schuckman gets a huge takedown. If Waterson can’t get to her feet she may lose. Elbows from the bottom. Just over a minute to go. Waterson looks to sweep and grabs an arm. The armbar is there. She’s on top but only for a moment. Now Schuckman is back on top. She grabs an arm and Schuckman pulls out and steps back. 30 seconds to go. Head kick from Waterson. Leg kick, to the body from Waterson. Big exchange, clinch, bell. Wow great fight. PMN scores a close third round for Waterson, and the fight overall to her at 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michelle Waterson def. Lacey Schuckman by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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