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WEEK 15 RECAP OF ASIANS IN AUDL/MLU PRO ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Lee, Smith, Tsang, Vu, Nguyen, Wu, Lam, Laviolette, Chen, Kiyoi, Lang

Week 15 marks the end of the regular season in the AUDL. Ottawa’s Mike Lee had a big game against Philadephia with 9 Goals to catapult him to finish the season to be the 2nd leading goal scorer in the league with 60 total goals. Bryan Nguyen continues his hot goal scoring streak to help the Los Angeles Aviators into the playoffs. Dongyang Chen of the Seattle Cascades made several highlight reel plays on the ESPN3 telecast.

Xavier Ching (SD): 0G, 0A
Benjamin Eto (SD): 0G, 0A
Casey Wu (SD): 4G, 1A
Clement Yip (VAN): 1G, 0A
Brendan Wong (VAN): 0G, 2A
Will Vu (VAN): 0G, 6A
Tim Tsang (VAN): 4G, 0A
Edward Guo (VAN): 2G, 2A
Fred Lam (VAN): 5G, 0A
Richard Tam (VAN): 0G, 1A
Allan Laviolette (ATL): 0G, 5A
Anders Olsen (ATL): 1G, 0A
Sun Choi (ATL): 1G, 0A
Matt Yun Huang Smith (ATL): 6G, 1A
Wesley Chen (DET): 3G, 0A
Yiding Hou (CHI): 0G, 0A
Brett Hidaka (CHI): 0G, 1A
Von Alanguilan (CHI): 1G, 0A
Michael Ng (IND): 1G, 0A
Peter Zhou (LA): 1G, 1A
Michael Kiyoi (LA): 4G, 2A
Allan Lai (LA): 0G, 3A
Bryan Nguyen (LA): 4G, 1A
Mike Lee (OTT): 9G, 4A
Mark Lin (RAL): 3G, 2A (2 games)
Kyle Akoshi Terriere (SJ): 1G, 0A, 3D
Kohji Sugioka (SJ): 0G, 1A
Dongyang Chen (SEA): 2G, 0A, 2D
Will Chen (SEA): 0G, 2A
Barrs Lang (SF): 2G, 2A