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2017 American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) Preseason Team Rankings: Season begins April 1st


Another exciting season of Professional Ultimate Frisbee begins on April 1st, 2017.  The premier frisbee league, American Ultimate Disc League(AUDL) opens this weekend with 24 teams across the United States and Canada.    The Dallas Roughnecks are the reigning champions who beat Seattle Cascades in the 2016 AUDL Championships.

Below is the preseason team rankings for each of the four divisions in the AUDL.  Also includes Asian players currently on the opening day rosters.    The 2016 season saw several Asians have career years.  Mke Lee had a breakout year with the Ottawa Outlaws scoring the 2nd most goals in the league, but is injured in 2017 season with an ACL.  Matt Smith continues to be a prolific goal-scorer for the Atlanta Hustle.   Bryan Nguyen had 47 goals with several of them scored by spectacular diving layouts for the Los Angeles Aviators.  Barrs Lang of the San Francisco Flamethrowers, played mainly on the defensive line and yet still scored 43 goals.  Chuck Cao (San Jose Spiders) and William Vu (Vancouver Riptide) showed they have the ability to be one of the main handlers for their teams.

Some rookies to look for Franklin Li (Madison Radicals) and Danny On (Nashville Nightwatch / USA Jr)

East Division Power Rankings:

Rank Team Stars Asians
1 New York Empire  Ryan DrostJeff Babbitt, Josh Alorro, Ben Jagt, Conor Kline, Sean Keegan  Conor Kline, Josh Alorro, Ruozhou Ye, Frank Weng(R)
2 Toronto Rush  Mark Lloyd, Isaiah Masek-Kelly, Jeff Lindquist, Adrian Yearwood, Cam Harris, Benjamin Burelle Jackie Hau, Jeremy Norden(R), Bretton Tan, Jason Huynh, Jeffrey Woo(R), Shawn Chua, Darren Wu
3 DC Breeze  Markham Shoffner, Alan Kolick, Jeff Wodatch, Delrico Johnson, Rowan McDonald  Ryan Nam
4 Montreal Royal  Antoine Genest, Kevin Quinlan, Felix Daigle
5 Philadelphia Phoenix  Nicky Spiva, Marques Brownlee, Matt Esser Scott Xu, Stephen Ng, (Alex Liu, Eric Lu, Louis Kang)
6 Ottawa Outlaws  Derek Alexander, Mike Lee, Karl Loiseau Mike Lee (injured-out for season)
Midwest Division Power Rankings:
Rank Team Stars Asians
1 Madison Radicals  Andrew Meshnick, Peter Graffy, Brian Hart, Colin Camp, Pat Shriwise Franklin Li(R), Victor Luo
2 Pittsburgh Thunderbirds  Pat Earles, Max Thorne, Ethan Beardsley, David Vatz, Mark Fedorenko Josh Tsung(R)
3 Indianapolis Alleycats  Cameron Brock, Keenan Plew, Travis Carpenter, Rick Gross  Sam Sohn
4 Chicago Wildfire  Alex Champe, Alanguilan  Von Alanguilan, Jeff Zhao(R)
5 Minnesota Wind Chill  Brian Schoenrock, Dylan DeClerk, Danny Collom  –
6 Detroit Mechanix  Chen, Nathan Champoux, Dan Donovan  Westley Chen, Andrew Tang, Daniel Lee(R)
West Division Power Rankings:
Rank Team Stars Asians
1 San Francisco Flame Throwers  Beau Kittredge, Cassidy Rasmussen, Greg Cohen, Joel Schlachet, Marcelo Sanchez, Lucas Dallman  Justin Lim, Byron Liu, Antoine Davis, Ryo Kawaoka(Coach)
2 Seattle Cascades Mark Burton, Donnie ClarkKhalif El-Salaam, Adam Simon, Ben Snell  Will Chen, Henry Phan, Tommy Li
3 Vancouver Riptide  Morgan Hibbert, Gagan Chatha, Wong, Wu, Vu,  Guo, Tsang Brendan Wong, Edward Guo, Darren Wu, William Vu, Tim Tsang, Gagan Chatha, Brayden Gee, Fred Lam, Peter Yu, Victor Cheng, Kevin Chan, Ted Chu, Samson Hoy, Yi-Min Lin(R)
4 San Diego Growlers  Sean Ham, Steven Milardovich, Travis Dunn, Wu, Kevin Smith, Jeff Silverman  Casey Wu, Michael Tran(R)
5 Los Angeles Aviators  Mark Elbogan, Nguyen, Doi, Eric Lissner, Eli Friedman  Bryan Nguyen, Tom Doi, Allen Lai, Brandon Severson, Michael Kiyoi, Kuo Hsun Wang(R), Franklin Rho(Coach)
6 San Jose Spiders  Kelly Van Arsdale, Cao, Chang, Jackson Sterns  Chuck Cao, Steven Chang, Justin Norden, Drew Kim, Sonny Zacarro
South Division Power Rankings:
Rank Team Stars Asians
1 Dallas Roughnecks  Jimmy Mickle, Kurt Gibson, Dylan Freechild, Kai Marshall, Thomas Slack, Brandon Malecek, Dan Emmons Ivy Byun (owner), Young Byun (owner)
2 Raleigh Flyers  Jonathan Helton, Justin Allen, Jonathan Nethercutt, Micah Hood, Terrence Mitchell, Brett Matzuka Mark Lin
3 Austin Sol  Jeff Loskorn, Chase Cunningham, Ethan Pollack, Ryan Purcell, Caleb Denecour, Jerrod Wolfe Judith Teng (Coach)
4 Jacksonville Cannons  Brodie Smith, Mischa Freystaetter, Cole Sullivan, Jakeem Polk, Chris Laroque, Steven Poulos
5 Atlanta Hustle Smith, Dylan Tunnell, Paul Lally, Nathan Vickroy  Matt Smith, Anders Olsen, Christian Olsen, Sun Choi, Allan Laviolette Park
6 Nashville Nightwatch  Jesse Shofner(F), Tom Radcliffe, Blake Waldron Danny On(R), Jason Chow (Assistant coach)