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Jeremy Lin News: Charlotte Hornets Player Expected To Bring Back Linsanity This Season

It seems the Charlotte Hornets experiment with two offensive-minded guards in Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker has paid off based on the preseason games, at least, where the squad went undefeated in six games.


The Lance Stephenson saga proved to be a disaster but what the Hornets needed was fresh young blood in Linsanity who is eager for a comeback after a tumultuous season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The 6-3 point guard signed a two-year deal with the team worth a discount $2 million annually.

“Lin is so much better than Stephenson was for this team. He makes quicker and better decisions with the ball, his 3-point shooting spaces the court and his defense isn’t as bad as advertised,” the Charlotte Observer said.

Jeremy Lin spoke about the on-court pairing with Kemba Walker.

“The biggest thing is – and that’s not just me and Kemba (Walker), it’s any basketball relationship – you have to want to see the other person succeed,” he said.

“I’ve been very impressed with who Kemba is as a person and how down to earth and humble he is. We’ve been able to get along off the court and carry that onto the court and it’s been fun. I love playing with him.”

Jeremy Lin actually got the biggest compliment when Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan said that Linsanity was a great pickup for the team.

Speaking to Chinese media, according to NBC Sports, the basketball GOAT said, “We just got Jeremy Lin, who I think is going to be our biggest acquisition. His penetration, his shooting capability, his point guard savvy, he can really pass the basketball, his energy about the game of basketball something.”

“I think it’s just two really good pick-and-roll players on the floor together,” Charlotte Hornets coach Steve Clifford said of Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker.

“And also when (Nicolas) Batum is out there, because he’s also a good pick-and-roll player, they draw two defenders every time they get in the pick-and-roll.”

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