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Video: Nike Hoop Summit Game – Zhou Qi


Zhou Qi played on the World Team at the annual Portland Nike Hoop Summit game where the best young talents play.  Zhou Qi had to fight through a sprain ankle he sustained earlier in the week in practice.  Qi took 1 shot, had 2 points on free throws, 3 blocks, 3 rebounds and assist in 12 minutes.


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World Team Practice notes from earlier in the week:

Chinese 7-foot-2 center Zhou Qi finally played again today in intrasquad scrimmages, and showed off a mixed bag of skills. He’s pretty terrific inside defensively already, as he blocked a shot on the first possession, and was the only player on the floor who actually bother Labissiere’s shot (obviously the byproduct of his crazy 7-foot-6.5 wingspan). He also moved reasonably well on the perimeter for a big man, as he ended up getting isolated following switches a few times, and generally held his own until the help came over. But while his defense was really good, his offense was equally as bad. He didn’t get a chance to show off the midrange touch we’ve seen this week in shooting drills, and anytime he went up for a shot near the rim he had the ball stripped. In whole, the main question still remains regarding his NBA potential: can he put on enough weight and strength? Regardless, some team will take the chance on him in the first round, be it in 2015 or in 2016, whenever he decides to leave for the league.

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