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WEEK 12 RECAP OF ASIANS IN AUDL/MLU PRO ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Nguyen, Lang, Chang, Cao, Gee, Smith, Hou, Alanguilan, Lai, Liu, Kline, Chan, Wu, Cheng, Chuck, Lam

Chuck Cao now has 39 Assists and is 5th in the league. Matt Yun Huang Smith now has 38 Goals on the season and is 6th in the AUDL in Goals. Bryan Nguyen had a big game with 8 goals. Rookie Conor Kline, in his 2nd game, lead his team in goals again. Barrs Lang caught the last second game winning goal for San Francisco in the win over San Jose. Braydon Gee showed off his potential with his speed and jumping ability in scoring 12 points(9 Goals) over the weekend.

Watch Nguyen’s 8 goals here,


Matt Yun Huang Smith (ATL): 6G, 3A, 2D (2 Games)
Sun Choi (ATL): 2G, 2A (2 Games)
Anders Olsen (ATL): 5G, 1A, 3D (2 Games)
Allan Laviolette (ATL): 2G, 6A (2 Games)
Sam Lee (CHA): 1G, 0A
Hou Yiding (CHI): 3G, 1A
Von Alanguilan (CHI): 4G, 0A
Soph Long (CIN): 0G, 0A
Allen Lai (LA): 3G, 0A
Bryan Nguyen (LA): 8G, 1A
Michael Kiyoi (LA): 1G, 1A
Conor Kline (MIN): 3G, 1A
Ruo Ye (NY): 1G, 1A
Benjamin Eto (SD): 1G, 0A
Casey Wu (SD): 3G, 2A
Barrs Lang (SF): 6G, 1A
Byron Liu (SF): 2G, 2A
Jason Yun (SF): 2G, 0A
Steven Chang (SJ): 4G, 3A
Chuck Cao (SF): 0G, 6A
Kohji Sugioka (SF): 0G, 0A
Kyle Akiyoshi Terriere (SF): 0G, 0A
Edward Guo (VAN): 3G, 2A (2 games)
Braydon Gee (VAN): 9G, 3A (2 games)
Richard Tam (VAN): 2G, 1A (2 games)
Josh Tan (VAN): 2G, 2A (2 games)
Will Vu (VAN): 0G, 5A (2 games)
Darren Wu (VAN): 4G, 1A (2 games)
Clement Yip (VAN): 2G, 1A (2 games)
Peter Yu (VAN): 0G, 0A

MLU – has reached end of regular season
Victor Cheng (VAN): 2G, 3A
Kevin Chan (VAN): 0G, 2A
Ryan Hoy (VAN): 1G, 1A
Aaron Chan (VAN): 1G, 1A, 2D
Lok Tin Lam (VAN): 3G, 0A
Michael Yi (VAN): 3G, 0A
Nathan Lam (VAN): 2G, 0A
Colby Chuck (SF): 2G, 0A
Tyler Chan (BOS): 1G, 3A
Terry Roth (BOS): 2G, 0A
Bo Li (NY): 0G, 2A
Vinh Bui (POR): 0G, 1A
Frederick Tsai (DC): 1G, 0A
Leon Chou (PHI): 0G, 2A
Nick Hirannet (PHI): 1G, 1A