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Jeremy Lin and Hornets Heading To China to Play Against Clippers

After two victories and 27 points in two pre-season road games (Orlando, Miami) as a Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin and his Hornets teammates will give new meaning to the phrase “road game.” Lin, the international sensation and sole Asian-American* on an NBA roster, will play in China on Saturday against the powerhouse Los Angeles Clippers (who are also, obviously, very much on the road.)

The rest of the Hornets will be there, too, of course, including starting point guard Kemba Walker and first round draft choice Frank Kaminsky. But on this particular trip Lin will be the undisputed star attaction, unless the Clippers Blake Griffin jumps over an airplane or something. (It seems possible.) The game is part of the NBA Global Games, a continuing effort by the league to spread the gospel of hoops around the world. Hornets-Clippers is scheduled for 1:30 a.m. (EST) on Sunday, Oct. 11 at the Shenzhen Universiade Center.

*The NBA identifies Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson as Asian-American also. Clarkson is 1/4th Filipino.

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