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SportsIllustrated Swimsuit model Jarah Mariano is back to modeling

Jarah Mariano is an swimsuit model who unfortunately might have become distracted or forgotten on her rise to elite status.

Over the past several years she has added ‘actress’ to her bio and while being able to model and act is a very good thing one must always be aware of what brought them to prominence and never leave it until one is certain that they have consistent employment in their other career/interest.
She recently posted a picture to her social media Instagram page in which she models a white and black polka dot bikini swimsuit and her sensational fit body and intoxicating facial pose showed that she is still a model of elite ability and form (Jarah Mariano Instagram – February 4).
The photo has fashion fans praising her fit body and gorgeous expressive face. Many fashionistas compare it to her 2008 and 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine photos that were so sensational that some thought she might one day grace the cover of the magazine.
However, her story is a cautionary tale to many models as she is a model who might have made too big a move into the world of acting at too early a time in her career because this superb model almost ‘fell off the fashion map’ as an elite model in the eyes of some fashionistas as illustrated by her low fan numbers on her social media Instagram page.
Becoming an actress is often the next step for a top-level model but a model needs to be wary of when and how they make the move into that field on a full-time or part-time basis because an extended time away from modelling can give other models the opportunity to fill the void left by the model.
Jarah Mariano is back in elite model form as a swimsuit/lingerie model and the hope among some fashion observers is she will stay ‘loyal’ to her swimsuit/lingerie modelling and balance it with her acting desires in 2015.

via Jarah Mariano.