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2014 MLU C​hampionship – Calvin Oung and Tom Doi leads DC Current to victory over Vancouver’s Peter Yu and Brendan Wong

The game was over, for all intents and purposes, when D.C. was leading 5-1 with 2:26 left in the first quarter.

​The Nighthawks had just called a timeout to steady themselves after the Current’s opening statement. Vancouver brought out its offensive rotation’s double team after a turnover, only Eddie Peters was having no part of it. He reversed the field in one throw with a strikingly aggressive hammer out of the double team to start the possession.

D​.​C.​ scored ​here to ​gain a four​-​point lead​, far from insurmountable, but sizable. ​How D.C. won that point, by facing adversity and attacking it, was notable. Acknowledging the fear, sizing it up, and going after it revealed a confidence born of preparation and ability.

D​.​C​.​ was up 13-4 at half and their offense ​ha​d not thrown a turnover. In fact, in the first quarter, the Current ​threw zero turnovers on the way to two offensive goals, six breaks and a definitive 8-2 lead. After they followed it up with a 5-2 second quarter, the question on spectators’ minds was, would Vancouver make a game of it? What would …

via Discs Don’t Lie: 2014 MLU C​hampionship Review – Major League Ultimate.



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