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Asians on the Ultimate Disc League’s Vancouver Reptides


Name: William Vu, #1
Position: Handler
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Experience: Furious George 2013
Go-to pump-up song:  Kiss Me Thru The Phone – Soulja Boy
Quotes and Comments: Will Vu is looking forward to playing our first home game this weekend, and he will have a large role to play as one of Riptide’s more dominant handlers.




Name: Richard Tam, ‘Richie’, #6
Position: D-line Handler
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Experience: Richie and Friends, Queen’s University, University of British Columbia, U23 Worlds 2010, WUGC 2012, Every Other Awesome Team Ever
Go-to pump-up song: ‘Best friends’- South Park
Quotes and Comments: Richie is the Riptide’s most famous player, with one of Canada’s most recognizable faces in Ultimate, due to all the jerseys it has been on. When asked for comments for his bio, Richie declined to answer, probably because he is such a big deal.  It is a good thing he is also so likable.



Name: Darren Wu, ‘Wu-tang’ #11
Position: O-line Cutter
Hometown: Vancouver, BC born and raised
Experience: U20 Team Canada 2014. Won gold at Junior Canadian Nationals 2013, “Wildcard represent.”
Go-to pump-up song: Animals – Martin Garrix
Quotes and Comments: Darren Wu looking forward to playing with the team, and looks up to the core of veterans. He says he is also hoping to “show what Vancouver ultimate is all about, and upset some teams.”



Name: Samson Hoy, ‘Hoyson’ #12



D-line Handler








Blackfish, SFU, CUC Juniors


Go-to pump-up song:


Quotes and Comments:


I don’t know much about Samson, but I hear he was featured in the music video for ‘Turn-down for what’. Additionally, he is a consistent handler, and look for him to get a few D’s out of nowhere with his surprising speed.



Name: Einer Lim, ‘Maverick’, #13
Position: Handler
Hometown: Vancouver
Experience:  Simon Fraser University, Blackfish, Richie and Friends
Go-to pump-up song: Feel It In My Bones – Teagan and Sara
Quotes and Comments: Most known for having long arms, Einer says he is looking forward to playing with Riptide against other AUDL teams.



Name: Ryan Sun, ‘Tonka’ ‘FMA’, #15
Position: O-line Cutter
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Experience: Richie and Friends, University of British Columbia, TC U19 ’08, CUC Junior Nationals Gold ‘07
Go-to pump-up song: Summer- Calvin Harris
Quotes and Comments: Tonka is excited to play in front of friends and family at Swangaurd Stadium, and of course “the swaggggggg”.



Name: Jasper Lu, #31
Position: D-line Cutter
Hometown: Richmond BC
Experience: Richie and Friends, 7 Deadly Spins
Go-to pump-up song: Purity Rings- Grammy
Quotes and Comments: Jasper says he is looking forward to ‘all the tight fought games with all my new friends.’



Name: Ted Chu, #21
Position: All the Things
Hometown: Manila, Philippines, and Richmond, BC
Experience: Blackfish
Go-to pump-up song: Mulan – I’ll Make a Man Out of You, Nelly – Heart of a Champion, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton – Can’t Hold Us
Quotes and Comments: When asked what he was looking forward to most, Ted replied ‘playing my first home game with the roaring fans at Swangard cheering us on!’ Ted is also a co-founder and co-director of Misfit Ultimate, one of the largest junior club programs in Canada, bringing competitive ultimate for over 200 kids every summer.



Name: Edward Guo, ‘Piji-guo’, #97
Position: O-line Cutter
Hometown: Richmond, BC
Experience:  UBC 2012-Current, Blackfish 2013-current.
Go-to pump-up song:  Madeon- Finale
Quotes and Comments: Guo says, “I’m looking forward to being able to play in front of my friends and family on the big stage. Also scoring a lot of goals!” His enthusiasm and determination will make him an asset for Riptide this year.



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