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Shanelle Loraine gears up for busier schedule

Guam’s Shanelle Loraine Camit, who plays in billiards tournaments under the name Shanelle Loraine, recently competed in one of the largest events of her career, the Andy Cloth Wyoming Open.

It was the first of a busier schedule Loraine has planned for this year, which includes events in the Philippines and a major tournament in her home state of Florida.

Loraine finished with a few head-to-head matches in the Wyoming Open, competing exclusively against men, and she finished the event short of placing.

“I didn’t win the event, and any time you don’t win the event, you walk away shaking your head a little bit,” Loraine said. “The Wyoming Open was eight-ball. That was a bit of an eye-opener because I haven’t played it that much.”

Playing in an eight-ball tournament was an uncommon appearance for Loraine, who plays mostly nine- and ten-ball tournaments and practices for them on her house table.

“I figured, what better of a chance would I ever have to go to Wyoming?” Loraine said. “It’s really, really pretty. I’m glad I was there and got to play in the event.”

While she plays in several pro tournaments, Loraine remains a full-time medical marketing professional.

Loraine moved to Guam with her family when she was 7 and moved away from the island at 14 in 1994….

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