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Jeremy Lin: Linsanity Tour Will Continue in 2012-2013 Season | Bleacher Report

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin took the Big Apple and the nation by storm in the months of January and February, which he will do again once the 2012 NBA season tips off.

I’m not going to sit here and say he’s going to continue to put the team on his back like he did in the aforementioned months of this season, but that’s fine. He doesn’t need to fill in for Carmelo Anthony or Amar’e Stoudemire and be the offensive focal point as long as both superstars are healthy for much of the upcoming season.

Lin can still excel in a lesser role as long as the team spends the offseason figuring out how to make the offense work with Stoudemire, ‘Melo and him in the lineup at the same time.

During the Knicks’ past season, Lin was often forced to play without Anthony or the former Phoenix Sun on the floor due to various injuries the two sustained in the winter months.

The Harvard graduate was able to post a 20 and almost 15 point-per-game average during the months he rose to fame, and if those numbers sink down a bit next year in favor of more passes to his teammates, the Knicks will be just fine.

ESPN New York reported back on April 26 that Lin was doing some light jogging and some “slow-paced basketball moves” with no setbacks, so there shouldn’t be any doubt No. 17 will be ready to open the next NBA season right on time.

Lin doesn’t have to come into next season the way he did in January of this year, putting the team on his shoulders and making up for the absence of a superstar player like ‘Melo. Instead, he’ll work alongside Anthony, Stoudemire and the rest of New York’s unit, which should work well for Lin.

The media darling athlete has been known to be a bit shy about stepping onto center stage, as he reportedly turned down a cell phone and watch endorsement deal back in February and said no to said no to a date with Kim Kardashian as well as going on David Letterman.

Lin seems to have the kind of personality that would be happy serving as the assist leader on the Knicks next year instead of the points leader. He’s not going to complain about not getting enough minutes or shot opportunities, Lin will fit his role as the orchestrator of the New York offense much better than he did being the main attraction.

via Jeremy Lin: Linsanity Tour Will Continue in 2012 Season | Bleacher Report.


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