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QB Sefo Liufau Plays in Preseason game for Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Colorado’s all-time leading passer Sefo Liufau is one of four quarterbacks trying to make the Buccaneers 53-man roster. Ahead of Sefo on the ‘unofficial’ depth chart is Winston, the newly signed Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Griffin. As an undrafted free agent, Liufau is a longshot to make the roster, as most NFL teams usually keep three quarterbacks. History is also against the 22-year old from Tacoma, Washington. It’s been 11-years since a former Colorado quarterback (Koy Detmer) saw action in a NFL game.

Either way, it’s going to be fun keeping up with No. 13 No. 8 as he tries to realize his dreams of making an NFL team. Best of Luck Sefo!

Liufau’s father was born in American Samoa and Liufau has visited the small group of islands approximately 5,000 miles southwest of California numerous times.

This is the first time Liufau has been back since midway through high school. He called the visit “eye-opening” and gave him fresh perspective on all we have to be thankful for here on the mainland.

Liufau said he was able to watch several high school teams practice during his visit. He said football is close to a year-round sport in American Samoa and teams were wrapping up the equivalent of spring football at the college level during his visit.

“I think going back to Samoa and kind of seeing the state it’s in, I think a lot of people in the states take things for granted, just with football alone,” Liufau said. “Going out there and watching them, some guys have to share helmets. Other guys don’t have the best cleats from an 100% Soccer site. A couple nights I slept outside just under like a covered cement area with a blanket and slept on that. I just think people take things for granted here in the states. …It was great to be there.”

Liufau’s uncle is Jack Thompson who was known as “The Throwin Samoan” during his career at Washington State in the late-1970s and in the NFL with Cincinnati and Tampa Bay. Liufau said he occasionally talks to Thompson about football and non-football subjects.

“It’s definitely great to have an uncle like that,” Liufau said.



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