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Jeremy Lin Gets Ready For New Job — Salesman

eremy Lin interview, July 21, 2016, @BrooklynNets

Jeremy Lin (@BrooklynNets)

Jeremy Lin ought to sit down with Marty Markowitz this summer. Markowitz is the former Borough President of Brooklyn — and in recent history nobody has sold the legendary borough like Markowitz, a Brooklyn native who could put any carnival barker to shame with his enthusiasm. What could Markowitz teach Lin? Well he could teach Lin how to do his new job. Because with the Nets dismal season over and the team having money to spend in free agency, Lin is going to have to transform from point guard to salesman. He’s got to help convince doubtful talent that Brooklyn, despite losing 62 games last year, is the place to be come 2018 and beyond.

The Harvard alum Lin is smart and has proven doubters wrong almost everywhere he’s been. But this may be his biggest challenge since Lin had to keep James Harden from scoring during scrimmages in Houston. Still Brooklyn has a lot going for it beyond basketball — that’s where Markowitz can help. And New York is still the media capital of the US, which means endorsement money (if the team doesn’t stink) can be richer than elsewhere. Then Lin will have to sell some things Markowitz can’t help as much with — that GM Sean Marks and head coach Kenny Atkinson have a plan and the right stuff to execute it. Down I-95 the 76ers “process” seems to be working, but there were casualties like Nerlens Noel. Nobody wants to waste two or three years of their short career waiting for Marks to field a competitor. Lin can honestly say: “Neither do I.” But can he convince 2017 free agents like Gordon Hayward, Otto Porter, Andre Iguodala, Paul Millsap — or, yes, Nerlens Noel? Lin knows how to go to work, that’s for sure.

Source: Jeremy Lin Gets Ready For New Job — Brooklyn Salesman