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Asian Results in the 2016 Frisbee Championships (WUGC).  Watch 5’7″ Masahiro Matsuno Jump over a player for a goal 

WUGC was a success with big crowds to watch many of the games. Asians did well in this tournament. Aside from the Asian countries, Asians in non-Asian countries also produced.

Masahiro Matsuno skies for a goal in the Championship game between Japan and USA.

Tom Doi helped lead the USA to the Gold medal with big contribution in goals scored (12).

33-year old Masahiro Matsuno again proves he’s still one of the best players in the world — jumping over people and throwing pin-point passes — leading the tournament in points scored.

China’s first appearance in the tournament was led by Tucson-based player Jia Xie who was one of the tournament’s leading point scorers with 16 goals and 21 assists.

Catherine Hui led her Canada team to the bronze medal and was the leading scorer on her team.

Rankings of the Asian Countries (and other countries with Asians)

1. USA (1 Asian)
2. Japan
4. Canada (3 Asians)
9-16. Singapore (bad weather prevented consolation games from being played)
29. China

1. USA
3. China
4. Japan
19-22. Philipines
19-22. Singapore
23-26. Hong Kong

1. USA
3. Canada
6. Japan
7. Philipines
13-16. Singapore
21-24. Hong Kong
25-30. Korea
25-30. China

Notable Players
Tom Doi (USA-Mens): 9gms, 12G, 0A
Masahiro Matsuno (JPN-Mens): 10gms, 19G, 18A
Taiyo Arakawa (JPN-Mens): 10gms, 27G, 9A
Yohei Kchikawa (JPN-Mens): 10gms, 12G, 20A
Fred Lam (CAN-Mens): 9gms, 5G, 0A
Jacky Hau (CAN-Mens): 9gms, 0G, 2A
Tim Tsang (CAN-Mens): 9gms, 6G, 10A
Jia Xie (CHN-Mens): 8gms, 16G, 21A
Hana Kawai (USA-Womens): 10gms, 4G, 4A
Catherine Hui (CAN-Womens): 9gms, 16G, 7A
Candice Chan (CAN-Womens): 9gms, 2G, 1A
Betsy Chan (CAN-Womens): 9gms, 0G, 2A
Michelle Ning (CAN-Womens): 9gms, 0G, 5A
Sarah Itoh (USA-Mixed): 7gms, 3G, 0A
Kyal Oh (AUS-Mixed): 10gms, 4G, 6A
Thomas Vo (AUS-Mixed): 10gms, 2G, 3A
Aaron Liu (CAN-Mixed): 9gms, 2G, 7A
Andrea Cheng (CAN-Mixed): 9gms, 10G, 1A
Brendan Wong (CAN-Mixed): 9gms, 8G, 15A
Crystal Koo (CAN-Mixed): 9gms, 2G, 1A
Jennifer Kwok (CAN-Mixed): 9gms, 11G, 4A
Justin Nordin (CAN-Mixed): 9gms, 3G, 17A
Jeremy Nordin (CAN-Mixed): 9gms, 3G, 15A
Kristian Guerrero (PHI-Mixed): 10gms, 4G, 24A
Jamal Pangandaman (PHI-Mixed): 10gms, 10G, 33A