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WEEK 11 RECAP OF ASIANS IN AUDL/MLU PRO ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Lee, Kline, Cao, Doi, Nguyen, Wong, Lin, Smith, Hau, Liu

Connor Kline made his professional debut with the Minnesota Windchill and had a huge game with 7 goals and an assist. Ottawa’s Mike Lee continues to score a lot of goals. He had 12 goals over the weekend. DC Breeze’s Tom Doi and Bob Liu played on ESPN3 against the NY Empire to an exciting end of a double overtime game.

Connor Kline (MIN): 7G, 1A
Chuck Cao (SJ): 0G, 6A
Kohji Sugioka (SJ): 0G, 0A, 2D
Will Chen (SEA): 1G, 1A
Dongyang Chen (SEA): 1G, 1A
Edward Guo (VAN): 1G, 1A, 2D
Braydon Gee (VAN): 1G, 0A
Fred Lam (VAN): 1G, 1A
Brendan Wong (VAN): 2G, 1A
Darren Wu (VAN): 0G, 1A
Clement Yip (VAN): 2G, 0A
Mark Lin (RAL): 1G, 2A
Matt Smith (ATL): 4G, 6A
Sun Choi (ATL): 2G, 0A
Brett Hidaka (CHI): 0G, 0A
Von Alanguilan (CHI): 1G, 0A
Hou Yiding (CHI): 2G, 0A
Mike Lee (OTT): 12G, 3A (2 Games)
Bob Liu (DC): 1G, 2A
Tom Doi (DC): 3G, 3A
Jackie Hau (TOR): 1G, 3A
Nathan Hirst (TOR): 1G, 0A
Bryan Nguyen (LA): 4G, 1A (2 Games)
Peter Zhou (LA)
Michael Kiyoi (LA)