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Ageless Ichiro one of top baseball stories this season – close to passing Pete Rose and 3000 MLB hits

Vic Carucci wrote about “super human” football players in a Power Take on Sunday. One of baseball’s amazing “super humans” remains Ichiro Suzuki, who is demonstrating his age-defying greatness again this season.

It looked like Ichiro finally was washed up after he hit just .229 last season. But he was overused, forced to play in 153 games. At age 42, he has rebounded in a big way this season and is hitting .333 for the Marlins. He’s within 27 hits of the 3,000 mark through Thursday’s game. He’s the oldest everyday ballplayer in the game.

His daily hits total is something for baseball fans to track every day in the box scores. Nobody has hit .300 as an everyday player at age 42, by my count, in the last 80 years. Ted Williams hit .316 with 29 homers in his last season at age 41. Tony Gwynn hit .324 in his final season at age 41. You have to go back to 1932, when Sam Rice hit .323 at age 42.

Ichiro obviously is a genetic freak when it comes to hand-eye coordination. What’s even more amazing and admirable is the daily dedication he maintains to keep his body going at his age.

Source: Power Take: Ageless Ichiro one of top baseball stories this season – Bucky & Sully