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WEEK 10 RECAP OF ASIANS IN AUDL/MLU PRO ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Lee, Tsang, Doi, Wu, Gee, Nguyen, Lai, Lang, Yun, Zhou, Chang, Cao, Hirst, Hau, Li, Liu

Mike Lee of the Ottawa Outlaws had a big game with 6 Goals and 3 Assists. Tom Doi came back to DC Breeze after spending last week with Team USA and scored 3 Goals and 4 Assists in big win over Toronto Rush.

Mike Lee of the Ottawa Outlaws
Mike Lee of the Ottawa Outlaws

AUDL Week#10

Hou Yiding (CHI): 0G, 2A
Von Alanguan (CHI): 0G, 0A
Soph Long (CIN): 0G, 1A
Tom Doi (DC): 3G, 4A
Bob Liu (CD): 2G, 1A
Andrew Tang (DET): 0G, 0A
Sam Sohn (IND): 0G, 1A
Michael Kiyoi (LA): 0G, 0A
Bryan Nguyen (LA): 3G, 1A
Allan Lai (LA): 0G, 5A
Ruo Ye (NY): 0G, 0A
Mike Lee (OTT): 6G, 3A
Casey Wu (SD): 3G, 0A
Xavier Ching (SD): 0G, 0A
Barrs Lang (SF): 3G, 0A
Jason Yun (SF): 3G, 1A
Chuck Cao (SJ): 1G, 6A (2 Games)
Steven Chang (SJ): 3G, 4A (2 Games)
Kohji Sugioka (SJ): 2G, 0A (2 Games)
Dongyang Chen (SEA): 2G, 0A
Will Chen (SEA): 0G, 1A
Tommy Li (SEA): 2G, 1A
Jackie Hau (TOR): 3G, 0A
Nathan Hirst (TOR): 2G, 4A
Edward Guo (VAN): 1G, 2A
Braydon Gee (VAN): 3G, 2G, 2D
Fred Lam (VAN): 0G, 1A, 2D
Tim Tsang (VAN): 5G, 3A, 2D
Darren Wu (VAN): 3G, 3A
Clement Yip (VAN): 1G, 0A
Peter Yu (VAN): 1G, 0A

Michael Kiyoi (LA): 1G, 1A
Bryan Nguyen (LA): 5G, 2A
Peter Zhou (LA): 0G, 0A

Michael Kiyoi (LA): 1G, 0A, 2D
Bryan Nguyen (LA): 2G, 2A
Allan Lai (LA): 1G, 0A
Peter Zhou (LA): 3G, 0A

Bo Li (NY): 1G, 2A
Terry Roth (BOS): 2G, 0A (2 Games)
Victor Luo (BOD): 0G, 1A
Nick Hirannet (PHI): 0G, 3A
Leon Chou (PHI): 0G, 1A, 3D
Henry Phan (SEA): 0G, 3A
Roy Hoy (VAN): 1G, 1A, 2D
Einer Lim (VAN): 2G, 0A
Justin Chan (VAN): 1G, 0A
Aaron Chan (VAN): 1G, 0A
Nathan Lam (VAN): 1G, 0A