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Rob Lloyd’s Hyperloop transit system will revolutionize the AUDL Pro Ultimate League

Rob Lloyd is the CEO of the Hyperloop One and an investor in the AUDL (a Professional Ultimate Frisbee League).  The Hyperloop is a revolutionary idea from Elon Musk that involves a frictionless train using magnetic forces to keep the train in midair.  Hyperloop is working to build a transit system that can carry passengers and cargo at the speed of sound.  A trip on Hyperloop from San Francisco to Los Angeles would only take 35 minutes.  The same trip in a car would take 7 hours with no traffic and a plane ride would take 2 hours if you include checkin.

Hyperloop One had just recently built a working prototype  and showed the hype to the public,

Once this efficient transit system is in place, this will revolutionize the sports leagues among other benefits.  Here is a potential road map for the AUDL and Hyperloop.

Click here or on the map to view the full infographic