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Watch: Zhou Qi impresses at the 2016 NBA Draft Combines

By Pryuen

On Day 2 of the NBA Combine in Chicago, Zhou Qi did very well in his shooting trial, with very high FG%/3-pointer%, averaging over 50%.

Fixed Spot Shooting

3-pointers:60% from 2 wings; 80% from left corner; 40% from right corner; 40% from top of the arc; 5 attempts per spot; average: 56%

15-ft jump shots: 40% from left elbow position; 60% from right elbow position; 40% left baseline corner; 80% right baseline corner; 40% facing the basket; 5 attempts per spot; average: 52%

Shooting in motion with dribbling

15-ft jump shots: 33% on both left and right elbow position; 67% facing the basket; 6 attempts per spot; average: 40%

Catch-and-shoot:running and catch-and-shoot within 35 seconds on both right and left baseline corners and elbow positions: 62.1%



Source: Yao Ming Mania! • View topic – Zhou Qi Departed China For Dallas !!!