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Week 3 Recap of Asians in AUDL/MLU Pro Ultimate Leagues: Nguyen, Cao, Chang, Norden, Lang, Li, Guo, Lam, Tsang, Vu, Wu, Hidaka, Matt Smith, Bui


The Bay Area contingent from San Francisco and San Jose played well in the rivalry game.   Barrs Lang, Jason Yun, Steven Chang, Justin Norden and Chuck Cao all had a big game.  The guys from Vancouver had a big offensive explosion in the win against Seattle.  Guo, Lam, Vu, Wu, Tsang put up big numbers as did Tommy Li of Seattle with 5 assists.  Matt “Yun Huang” Smith made his season debut and had a game leading 6 goals.



Andrew Tang (DET): 0G, 1A

Xavier Ching (SD): 0G, 0A, 4D

Chris Liu (SD): 0G, 0A

Bryan Nguyen (LA): 2G, 0A

Michael Kiyoi (LA): 1G, 1A

Chuck Cao (SJ): 3G, 5A

Steven Chang (SJ): 4G, 2A

Justin Norden (SJ): 1G, 4A

Kohji Sugioka (SJ): 0G, 0A

Barrs Lang (SF): 5G, 1A

Byron Liu (SF): 1G, 1A

Jason Yun (SF): 3G, 0A

Sonny Zaccaro (SF): 0G, 1A

Will Chen (SEA): 0G, 1A, 1D

Tommy Li (SEA): 0G, 5A

Edward Guo (VAN): 2G, 4A

Fred Lam (VAN): 4G, 1A

Richard Tam (VAN): 1G, 0A

Tim Tsang (VAN): 3G, 4A, 3D

Will Vu (VAN): 0G, 5A

Brendan Wong (VAN): 1G, 1A, 2D

Darren Wu (VAN): 4G, 1A

Brett Hidaka (CHI): 1G, 4A

Stephen Ng (PHI): 0G, 1A

Michael Zhou (RAL): 0G, 0A

Christian Olsen (ATL): 1G, 1A

Matt Smith (ATL): 6G, 3A



Roger Chu (NY): 1G, 0A

Bo Li (NY): 1G, 0A

Scott Xu (NY): 1G, 0A

Terry Roth (BOS): 3G, 0A

Tyler Chan (BOS): 1G, 0A

Sascha Lo (VAN): 0G, 3A

Michael Li (VAN): 0G, 1A

Justin Chan (VAN): 1G, 0A

Einer Lim (VAN): 1G, 0A

Lok Tin Lam (VAN): 1G, 0A

Nathan Lam (VAN): 1G, 0A

Leon Chou (PHI): 0G, 2A

Nick Hirannet (PHI): 0G, 1A

Vinh Bui (POR): 2G, 1A