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Peih-Gee Law and Woo Hwang back on Survivor:Cambodia

Peih-Gee Law had a nice run on Survivor: China, finishing in fifth place. But it wasn’t nice enough. So when we spoke to her out on location for Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance the day before filming began, we asked what her biggest mistake was, and you may be surprised by her answer.

You can see Peih-Gee’s response — as well as plenty of footage of her in the upcoming season — by watching the video above. You’ll also see the one big piece of advice given to her by one of the people who voted her out, Amanda Kimmel. (Hopefully it’s not advice on how to give a final Tribal Council speech.)

And that’s not all. Peih-Gee also speaks to whether she made any pre-game alliances and the impact of coming from season 15 and being neither an old-school or new-school player. (“There’s a bit of the middle-child syndrome,” she says.)

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