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SF 49ers RB Jarryd Hayne Says Faith in Christ Brought Him to NFL, Trusts His Faith Will Get Him Through Any Dark Times

Jarryd Hayne, the former rugby player from Australia who traded a $1 million contract to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL for “a measly” $100,000,” said his faith in Jesus Christ has helped him achieve his dreams and added that the same faith would get him through any dark times.

The 27-year-old Hayne, a devout Christian superstar rugby player from Australia who played for the National Rugby League, also thanked God for realizing his dream to play with the San Francisco 49ers as he becomes one of the rare players to successfully transition to the NFL from playing rugby.

Hayne tweeted in March when he signed the contract with the 49ers, “Today a dream becomes a reality. With God anything is POSSIBLE.”

He was quoted as saying then, “I’m not perfect. I struggle with sin and temptation all the time. For me, they are the key areas where I want to improve as well. They’re part of that journey now.  It’s not just about playing in the NFL. Christ comes before everything.

“That is why, when you make those decisions, if you don’t have him to lean on or focus on, there’s going to be a lot of dark days over there. It won’t last. I won’t last.”

He said that his Christian belief has allowed him to move forward. He again offered praises to God for giving him the opportunity to pursue his dreams.

Hayne wrote on Instagram, “I’m the worst Christian (sic) I know but still gods (sic) favor reins (sic) over my life. Why, I’m not sure but I love ya big man. Without you I can achieve much. With YOU I can achieve anything. Incredible proud to join the 49ers franchise. To my family, friends n fans thank you for your love and support Looking forward to setting up in San Francisco and doing what it takes to make the roster.”

He again tweeted his excitement and thanked God when news broke out that he made it to the official 53-man roster of the National Football League 49ers team. He wrote, “IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT! I thank GOD for WHAT HE has done and going to do on this incredible journey!! I’m on the 53 MAN ROSTER FOR THE #49ers.”

It’s not surprising that Hayne always look up to God for all his achievements. He attended Hillsong’s South West Sydney Campus in Campbelltown numerous times where church members described his as a faithful person.

A Hillsong Church spokesman said commented, “Jarryd is an amazing person with great talent on the sporting field, and we wish him the very best as he embraces the future. He knows, as we do, that outside accolades are less important than the peace and fulfillment that faith in Jesus Christ brings to our lives.”

And just like the other devout Christian players before him like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin of the NBA, it is quite obvious that Hayne’s faith has a profound influence on his decision-making.

“You make a decision like this, you need to be wanting to do more than play a bit of football,” Hayne said. “With the pay cut I’m taking as well, it takes more than … for me, it’s faith. It’s growing as a person. It’s about believing that I can make the impossible possible. It’s one thing talking about it, but it’s another thing doing it.”

According to Reuters, Hayne will be the primary backup to RB Carlos Hyde in Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh. The former Australian rugby star made his NFL debut Monday against Minnesota.

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