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Video: Pretty KPOP star Hyomin Throws 1st pitch to Jung Ho Kang at recent Pittsburgh Pirates game

T-ara’s Hyomin threw out the first pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates game earlier today!

She’s friends with Kang Jung Ho, one of the team’s infielders. He asked her to come throw the first pitch at their game on September 13th with the Milwaukee Brewers at the PNC Park.

As you can see in the clip above, after greeting fans and taking photos, Hyomin went to the mound and pitch perfectly across the plate. The ball was expertly caught by shortstop Kang Jung Ho. Pleased that all her practice paid off, you can see Hyomin doing a little happy dance after the pitch.

That pitch might have been a good luck charm as Kang Jung Ho had a great game. He and his teammates won the game in overtime.

Congratulations to Hyomin on a great pitch!

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