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Video: Georgia Southern kicker Younghoe Koo makes it on ESPN with ridiculous trick field goal with a backflip

Weeks ago, special teams members doing ridiculous things – like holding for kicks with their noses and snapping footballs into trash cans from ridiculous distances – snatched the spotlight from skill players who’d just graduated from doing one-handed catches or backflip catches to doing both at the same time.

Now, this kicker from Georgia Southern, Younghoe Koo, has upped the ante once again.

I can’t explain to you what he does to get the ball to spin like that, or how he kicked it through the uprights while doing a backflip, or what use this would have in an actual game, but I can tell you that it looked really cool and will be difficult to top.

Your move, everyone else.

watch the kick here, Georgia Southern kicker punctuates ridiculous trick field goal with a backflip | For The Win.


Younghoe Koo
Younghoe Koo