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The AUDL Los Angeles Aviators Co-Owner is James Park and Roster has 4 Asian Players

The American Ultimate Disc League, the nation’s largest and fastest growing professional Ultimate association, welcomed the expansion team Los Angeles Aviators to the league. The Aviators has already played 6 games and they compete in the AUDL West Division alongside teams from San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver.

With teams already established in most major metro areas throughout North America, 2015 will mark the inaugural season of professional Ultimate competition in the U.S.’s second-largest city, and owners and players alike appear ready to welcome the new team with open arms.

The Los Angeles Aviators are co-owned by David Conlon (President), James Park (Vice President), Todd Krumpe (VP of Operations), Daniel Smeltzer (VP of Logistics) and Devin Miller (Chief Financial Officer) – all of which are active Ultimate players. They have a strong passion for the game and wanted to build an LA sports franchise that could have a real impact.

“California has been seen as the spiritual home of Ultimate for some time,” Conlon said. “It’s a privilege to introduce professional Ultimate to LA, and showcase our top-notch, dedicated athletes to the largest city in the West.”

As a member of an elite club team and college coach, Smeltzer thinks the timing is perfect for a team in Los Angeles, saying, “This is such an opportune time to unite the players here in LA. There has always been such a spread of talent throughout the different club teams. We see this as the perfect way to put those players together, represent Southern California Ultimate, and field a highly competitive team…that provides LA residents with an exciting sports experience.”

Krumpe added, “Ultimate is the most exciting sport out there at any level of play. It is a continuous highlight reel and a game like no other. I’m excited to be a part of bringing professional Ultimate to LA. I want to showcase the game at the highest level, create a great fan following, and hopefully inspire others to play, watch and create their own highlight reel of memories.”

James Park, the Aviators’ Executive VP added, “Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. A large part of that includes the storied tradition of championship caliber sports teams. With the addition of a professional Ultimate team to our city, we will continue that high level of professionalism experienced here in LA.”

The Los Angeles Aviators are devoted to bringing affordable family entertainment through the game of Ultimate to Los Angeles. Showcasing top level athletes committed to sportsmanship, respect and integrity, the Aviators will be the city’s ambassadors of the sport and help introduce new and young players to a game that instills these core values, not only in athletic competition, but in their personal lives.

The roster includes 4 Asians: Steven Chang, Bryan Nguyen, Michael Kiyoi and Ed Melo

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via Los Angeles Franchise to Join AUDL in 2015 | The AUDL.