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Video: Yi Jianlian leads his team to 14th straight CBA victory. 4 players fouled out in all-Guangdong battle

Guangdong Southern Tigers hosted provincial rivals the Foshan Long Lions. Yi Jianlian’s Guangdong side were red-hot coming in, and were trying to grab their 14th straight win.

Foshan’s top scorer Josh Akognon was sidelined due to knee injury he suffered Friday.

And the hosts found it hard to put up points early. Tough defence from Fadi El Khatib on forces Yi Jianlian forces the Chinese player to take a poor shot, that is all air.

The visitors take control on the Ren Junwei three. Foshan leads by 8.

Khatib is also accurate from the outside. Foshan are in front by a dozen midway through the first quarter.

Guangdong’s coach Du Feng not impressed with what he is seeing.

The hosts make adjustment. Wang Shipeng fires from downtown to tie the score at 28.

Fellow veteran Zhu Fangyu is also on target. Guangdong is up by 3 after the first Q. Zhu and Wang would combine for 51 points.

The Southern Tigers keep their momentum in the second Q. Check out the huge dunk from Yi. Guangdong take a 14-point lead after the first half.

The contest got physical in the third. Yi Jianlian was fouled hard by Zhu Xuhan on this lay-up attempt. And the former NBA player could not hold back his temper.

Zhu failed to block the ball and hit Yi across the neck. The big man is furious, and gets a flagrant foul for that push.

Guangdong’s Zhou Peng, meanwhile fouls Zhu twice in 10 seconds. First on the fast break.

The 25-year-old got called again for another foul, as he earns a second flagrant foul and he was ejected.

Jump to the 4th Q, Zhu Fangyu drives in, and gets the hoop and the harm. Zhu Xuhang was called for the foul, and that was his sixth, and he is done for the night.

7 minutes before time, Yi has to leave after he picked up his sixth foul on Khatib’s lay-up. The seven-footer leaves with just 14 points, a low this season.

Khatib, on the other hand, had a good night as the Lebanese player scored a team-high 27 points.

With 3 and half minutes to go, Foshan’s Viacheslav Kravtsov was also sent off after maxxing out his fouls, by hacking Chris Daniels.

Guangdong hold on and grab their 14th win in a row, 122-109 is the final.

Video: CBA: 4 players fouled out in all-Guangdong battle – CCTV News – English.