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Where You Can Watch JOHN CHO Selfie


For a very short while, it looked like TV was in the midst of a romantic comedy renaissance, with several different series digging firmly into relationship humor. Of course, that was until everything started getting cancelled, much like a lot of people’s relationships in real life. In the past month or so, the world has bid farewell to ABC’s Selfie and Manhattan Love Story, along with NBC’s A to Z. Fans of the former two shows will be pleased to find out that the remainder of each series’ episodes has already found a home at Hulu.

Hulu, which has already been the place for audiences to find previously-aired episodes, has made whatever deals are necessary to allow Selfie and Manhattan Love Story to bring their unaired installments to viewers faster than those of most cancelled series. Those without Hulu need not fret, for will actually also continue updating Selfie’s episodes for online-only viewing, and I’m presuming they’ll do the same for the other. Though really, even the events surrounding cancellations have become as unpredictable as anything else in the entertainment world. They may both get picked up by Lifetime by Christmas and cancelled again by Valentine’s Day.

John Cho’s character in Selfie was the first asian male romantic lead in a sitcom on American television.

Selfie was pulled from ABC’s schedule after seven of 13 episodes (following ABC’s claims that they’d air the rest of the season), and just had its eighth episode hit Hulu. I’m guessing they, along with ABC, will keep them going on a weekly basis instead of putting them out all at once. Created by Suburgatory’s Emily Kapnek, the on-the-nose comedy follows the budding relationship between the trendily self-obsessed Eliza (Karen Gillan) and her boss/mentor Henry (John Cho), who is helping her become a more accessible person, with calamitous LMAO results.

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