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Arthur Chu wins on ‘Jeopardy!,’ advances in Tournament of Champions

Arthur Chu failed to tell how he once exploded Alex Trebek’s head.

Chu, an 11-time Jeopardy! winner, was back on the game show Tuesday night for this year’s Tournament of Champions, and contestants are invariably asked to share some anecdote.

Chu told how a Taiwanese news service turned him into a kind of animated “super villain,” at one point resembling the Joker of Batman fame.

The Swarthmore grad neglected to mention how violent the cartoon gets. The Joker mows down “haters” with a submachine gun. Chu’s tendency for “cutting off Alex Trebek” in conversation is turned into a starburst of blood. Then his “unorthodox strategy” of using the “Forrest Bounce” – jumping around the Jeopardy! game board – was illustrated with Chu hopping on a copy of a Forrest Gump book before beheading his opponents.

In real life, Chu slaughtered the competition figuratively.

His first three selections were from the middle of three different categories, a practice some viewers find maddening … or the work of a “mad genius.”

via Arthur Chu wins on ‘Jeopardy!,’ advances in Tournament of Champions.


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