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Arthur Chu – The Greatest Asian Jeopardy contestant

Arthur Chu was once a quiet office worker who got a shot on JEOPARDY! – and blew it up. Twelve shows later, Chu had racked up nearly $300,000 in winnings and created an international hatestorm. Chu threw the usual JEOPARDY! geeky politeness out the window. Instead he preened, he postured, and he found daily doubles…all of them. His strategies—bouncing around the board, pragmatic wagers, and keeping a hyper-aggressive pace to the game—have led some to declare his $300,000 winning streak akin to a MONEYBALL moment on JEOPARDY!. He crushed his opponents and he tangled with host Alex Trebek. While his detractors called him a “thug,” or simply the “the Jeopardy! villain,” Chu ate it up. Living his version of the American Dream, Jeopardy! gave him his 15 minutes of fame. He has something to tell you, and you should listen. The uproar has already caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, USA Today…and bloggers around the world.

This fall, Chu will participate in the JEOPARDY! Tournament of Champions and we will be there to capture it, with exclusive access to this unlikely hero and the Jeopardy! studio. 24 million use the app QuizUp, and 9 million people watch Jeopardy a day. Now is the time to give you a closer look at this wonderful world of trivia. But we need your help. We have one month to get to Ohio to film with Arthur before the Tournament of Champions. Then to LA. Then to Taiwan. Even documentaries have expenses: anything from production insurance, to travel expenses, to legal fees, to more legal fees. With such themes as ethnicity in the media, the politics of being a champion, the new American dream, and the nature of viral celebrity in the modern world, we know this story will have lasting education value.

So Who is Arthur Chu? Support our documentary to find the clue.

via Who is Arthur Chu? by Scott Drucker — Kickstarter.


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