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4 WMMA Fighters Who Could Become Breakout Stars

Women’s MMA is on the rise. This much is certain. Between the UFC, Invicta and other promotions accepting their place in the sport, stars are sure to be made.Ronda Rousey is easily the biggest star in the sport, though Miesha Tate, Cris “Cyborg” Justino and Gina Carano have also broken out into the spotlight.With the increased exposure, including Invicta on UFC Fight Pass and WSOF on network TV, who are some women that can become breakout stars? Let’s take a look at four women who could fit that bill.

Michelle WatersonThe atomweight division is probably the least popular and exposed of the main four WMMA divisions. Now that UFC Fight Pass hosts Invicta events, champion Michelle Waterson can really break out into the mainstream.Waterson, known as “The Karate Hottie,” has constantly found herself in outrageously entertaining fights.

Just watch her bouts against Lacey Schuckman and Jessica Penne. They rivaled the entertainment of any fight you can possibly think of.Then there’s Waterson’s looks. Her nickname isn’t an ironic one like the fat guy named, “Skinny Pete.” She is a model with the looks and charisma to shoot her stock through the roof.She could, in theory, become the next Gina Carano in terms of all-around star power.

via 4 WMMA Fighters Who Could Become Breakout Stars | Bleacher Report.


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