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2014 Sochi Olympics: Apolo Anton Ohno interviews skating princess Gracie Gold

The 2014 Winter Games are winding to a close, but not before a handful of petite women claw each other to death for the gold medal in Ladies Figure Skating, maybe the most competitive of all the figure skating events this time around. Thankfully, we got a peek into a casual day date between American hopeful Gracie Gold and speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, in what felt like some sort of Millionaire Matchmaker crossover episode:

Not to get too creepy (as I type from beneath a newspaper with two eyeholes cut out of it), but they really make a gah-reat couple. And think about it: both hot, both into skating, both not above doing yoga on a public beach . . . I smell a future between these two. Wait, no, sorry, that’s just the fresh baked goodness wafting off of their marriage officiant, Reverend Footlong Jones:

A match made in branding heaven, those two.

via Olympic Ladies Figure Skating Does What The Men Couldn’t: Entertain Us | Vanity Fair.

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