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7’9″ Sun Ming Ming marries 6’3″ Xu Yan to build the world’s tallest married couple

 Sun Ming Ming  Last night wedding, the wedding has appeared on another bride.

Last night, 2.36 meters tall basketball player Sun Ming Ming, and height 1.9 m handball player Xu Yan held a wedding. Both the total height of 4.26 meters to become the world’s tallest pair of husband and wife.

CCTV host Zhang Bin, former world champion Sunland  and other sports celebrities offered his congratulations via video some of the actress also sent a blessing.

Halfway through the wedding held in the morning when the bride had just arts actor who accidentally Sun Qian also holding a large bunch of lilies arrived on the scene, bless Sun Ming Ming, XU Yan tied the knot. Sun Ming Ming Sun Qiante Do not praise enough loyalty groom, thank him in his busy preparing the wedding morning also found time to go to her wedding. Sun Ming Ming is moved to say, I did not expect Sun Qian Gu did not even bridal motivated, they first went to his side to get a blessing.

It is reported that after the team left Beijing Shougang, Sun Ming Ming’s life is very rich, with the help of friends to complete the wedding. Stage, Sun Ming Ming promises more than willing to play after marriage, wife Xu Yan never wrong. Xu Yan said that if they have children, I hope can play basketball, because sports people physical and mental health.

via 2 m 1 m 91 36 Sun Ming Ming Xu Yan to build the world’s tallest married couple (Figure) _ Basketball-CBA_ storm _ Sina Sina Sports.


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