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For Devin Setoguchi, even Mom takes back seat on game day

For Wild's Devin Setoguchi, even Mom takes back seat on game day -

The Wild needed to do something different after falling behind two games to none to the Chicago Blackhawks in their best-of-seven Stanley Cup playoff series. They became more aggressive and physical in Game 3. They outhit the Blackhawks 34-13 with Cal Clutterbuck leading the Wild with eight hits. Devin Setoguchi was right behind with seven hits in the Wild’s 3-2 overtime victory Sunday, May 5.

“I expect the game to be physical no matter what,” Setoguchi said Monday. “Everyone is getting involved. If you’re a scorer, you’re still hitting. If you’re a checker, you’re still hitting. You don’t run around and look for it. This is the time of the year it’s got to be grind-it-out hockey.”

The Wild and Blackhawks play Game 4 on Tuesday night.

I talked to Setoguchi after Monday’s practice.

BS: Was there a conversation among players about the importance of increasing the intensity and physical play or did you all just know it had to be done?

DS: We all knew we had to win that game. The desperation needed to be there.

BS: How energizing is a game like Sunday’s?

DS: It’s the story of the playoffs. It’s just the way it is. There are emotions. There are ups. There are downs. It’s not over until you win four, so we know how important that game was. We know how important Game 4 is. They know it as well over there. We have to expect their best. And we need to make sure we put our best out there, as well.

BS: Are you more relaxed

than after Game 1 and Game 2?

DS: After the game is over, it’s over. You can’t dwell on the past. You can’t dwell on the day before. You just can’t sit there and whine and sulk about it. You don’t have time for that. Game is over. Come in today (and) refocus. Get what you need and be ready to go tomorrow.

BS: Players talked after Sunday’s game about the crowd playing a part. Is that something you say, or did the crowd really have an impact?

DS: It’s pretty easy to gain energy from your home crowd. They did a good job being loud enough for us. This time of the year buildings are loud and you should be able to get pumped up, even in Chicago. (The crowd) definitely helped us out. I know coming home is always fun. And it’s nice to play in front of your own fans. We definitely drew some energy from it.

BS: You’re a veteran player. Did you tell Jason Zucker not to dive into the glass (like he did after scoring the winning goal in overtime)?

DS: No, no. That’s great. I said it’s one of the best feelings ever when you score the overtime winner. Do what you want.

BS: Is that the closest to the Lambeau Leap you can get in hockey?

DS: I guess so. I’m not sure. I haven’t scored one of those in a while.

BS: After such a big win, were you tempted to check out Twitter or other social media to see what was being said? (Setoguchi said last week he has sworn off Twitter and other social media sites because they became too negative for him.)

DS: I stay away from that. I don’t need to look at that stuff. This time of year, you put everything aside, distractions aside. Even your family. If they’re in town, they can come to the game. I’m one of those guys who do his own thing and worry about hockey.

BS: Is your family in town?

DS: My mom is in town.

BS: Did you put her at a hotel and say, “I’ll see you after the game.”

DS: She is at a hotel. She comes over after the game. That’s it. She gets to see the hockey. She gets to see me after the game. Meantime, if it’s game day, don’t need to see her.

BS: Only 12.7 percent of teams that lost the first two games in a best-of-seven Stanley Cup playoff series have rallied to win. Do you throw that statistic out the window?

DS: You can’t look at statistics. They’re not playing the game for you. You win tomorrow, you never know what can happen. Even if you lose tomorrow, you never know what can happen. Until they win four or you win four games, you’re still in the series.

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