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UFC on Fox 5: Nam Phan and Dennis Siver open preliminary FX card with thriller


Dennis Siver vs. Nam Phan

Round 1 – Siver leads with some kicks, as expected. Phan was having a hard time getting off, while Siver was on point with everything. Siver found a home for his right hand a few times, and wobbled Phan once. It was all Siver for the first two minutes. Siver landed a nice counter left that backed Phan off. A lot of Siver’s punches were landing. Siver scooped up a leg and threw Phan down, but Phan got right back up. He shot in again and Phan defended, but Siver connected with a nice left. The German hit his patented spinning back kick late. Siver 10-9.

Round 2 – Phan was more active early in round two and tagged Siver with a couple of strikes, but a counter from Siver made him stumble away. Siver continued to land low kicks and left jabs effectively. Dennis landed a nice wheel kick to the head. Siver took the fight to the ground, which was kind of weird. Siver worked in half guard and landed a few strikes. Nice short elbow from Siver, and he opened up with a ton of rights to the face. Siver moved to side control, then to mount. More elbows. 10-9 Siver again.

Round 3 – After a few kicks, Siver took Phan back to the floor after ducking a Phan haymaker. Siver worked away in side control, landing a continual stream of punches. He tried to move to mount but Phan defended. Phan tried to work something, but Siver’s punches and elbows made him revert to full defensive mode. Siver pinned Phan’s arm with him knee and continued to beat him up. Phan looked to turtle up and grab one of Siver’s legs, but it didn’t do much. Just total domination for almost the whole 15 minutes. I want to see how many total strikes Siver landed. It has to be a massive number. Siver 10-9, and I have it 30-27 overall. I wouldn’t be surprised at all with a 30-26 or even 30-25 score.

via UFC on Fox 5: Live results and play-by-play for Facebook and FX undercard – Bloody Elbow.


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