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Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manual Marquez IV 2012: Maincard, Results and Recap

Boxing fans were treated to an amazing show Saturday night in Las Vegas, as Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao squared off for the fourth time.

Unlike the first three fights, there will be no controversy about this one, as Marquez scored a brutal knockout in the sixth round, vanquishing his rival for the first time.

It was an incredible back-and-forth battle, with both fighters hitting the canvas within the first five rounds. After bloodying Marquez in the fifth, Pacquiao went for the kill in the sixth round.

Unfortunately for the Filipino legend, it was Marquez who landed the knockout blow, connecting on a vicious right hand counter-punch with one second left in the round. Pacquiao dropped to the floor face down and lay motionless while Marquez and his entourage celebrated the shocking victory.

As good as the main event was, it certainly wasn’t the only great bout on Saturday. The appetizers to Pacquiao-Marquez 4 were excellent in their own right.

In an epic brawl between two great warriors, Juan Manuel Marquez scored a stunning knock out victory over his rival Manny Pacquiao.

With just one second remaining in the sixth round, Marquez destroyed Pacquiao with a looping right hand, dropping the Filipino phenom to the canvas for the second time on the night. It was one of the most devastating punches in recent memory, as Pacquiao immediately crumbled to the floor and remained motionless while Marquez’s camp flooded the ring in celebration.

It was a shocking turn of events, with Marquez recovering from a brutal beating in the fifth round to steal the victory. Pacquiao scored a knockdown in the fifth, landing 21 power punches, most of which hit Marquez squarely in the face.

With Marquez severely bloodied, Pacquiao increased his aggression in the sixth, looking for the knockout. His plan looked to be working, as Marquez’s legs were wobbly throughout the round.

However, the clever counter-puncher caught Pacquiao reaching at the end of the round, landing the brutal right hand cross that will go down as the shining moment of Marquez’s brilliant career.

Both fighters said afterwards that they would be open to a fifth meeting. As of now, the record stands at 2-1-1 in favor of Pacquiao, although Marquez clearly has had had the most decisive victory.


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