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China’s young PG Guo Ailun to play in Greece

After two failed tries with Dejun Han and Sun Yue, Panathinaikos will finally get one Chinese player for next season. According to this report from Guo Ailun confirmed to people close to him the interest of the Greens for him and also the fact that his team, Liaoning, will let him go to Europe.

It will be interesting to see if Guo will be indeed the first Chinese to play in Euroleague. Panathinaikos wants to invest into the 19 years old guard for marketing reasons also. A possible scenario is to register him only for Euroleague, because there isn’t a limit for the use of foreign players in this competition, and not in the Greek league, where every team can use up to four non European players.

There are also the quotes by Guo’s father and according to them, the young player should stay in China, but it seems that things have changed.

via Guo to be Green.


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