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Rob Refsnyder Tweets: ‘SC Doesn’t Accept Asians Playing Baseball’

Columbia, SC (WLTX) — As fans welcomed the baseball team back with pats on the backs, some are taking about more about not what happened on the field, but what happened in the stands.

We all know heckling has been apart of baseball since the beginning of the sport. But according to some at the game, many people wearing Gamecock colors were seen yelling racial remarks at Arizona’s right fielder.

Whatever racial comments were said by Carolina fans to Arizona player and South Korean born Rob Refsnyder, didn’t fall on deaf ears. The right fielder fired back on Twitter after the game saying, “I will never live in South Carolina because they can’t accept Asians playing baseball.”

Refsnyder soon deleted the tweet then responded, “when people make death threats to my family and myself for being a certain color or race…Caused some animosity.”

Many fans celebrating and welcoming home Carolina’s third consecutive College World Series team, say they were following the story as it grew online.

They tell News19 while it doesn’t make it right, they believe it was a few bad apples that spoiled it for…

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