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Cung Le’s new movie Dragon Eyes comes out in theatres and VOD on May 11th

Cung Le, a Vietnamese American martial arts champion, who stars as yet another ex-con who can’t avoid trouble in Dragon Eyes, directed by John Hyams. For reasons that flashbacks gradually reveal, Le’s character infiltrates a drug ring run by a crooked cop, a role played with nasty precision by Peter Weller. The film features a number of impressive old-school beat-downs, but the sadness within Le’s character makes the movie oddly depressing. Still, who can resist the sight of Jean-Claude Van Damme, playing Le’s mentor and uttering such wisdom as: “If you get shot, it’s only because you didn’t understand the man who shot you. Don’t think about the gun. Think about the man.” Words to live by.

via Kicking and Screaming – Page 1 – Movies – New York – Village Voice.


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