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Cung Le’s ‘Dragon Eyes’ movie trailer featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme

Former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Cung Le, who’s slated to face off against Rich Franklin at UFC 148 on July 7 in Las Vegas, returns to home theaters for “Dragon Eyes” opposite B-movie legend and “Muscles from Brussels,” Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film boasts a bevy of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter cameos including Dan Henderson, Rich Clementi, Gilbert Melendez, Trevor Prangley and more. Even Mr. Robocop himself, Peter Weller, gets in on the action.

From the official release:

St. Jude Square is a neighborhood living in fear as dueling drug gangs and corrupt police terrorize the streets… until hope arrives in Hong (Le), a mysterious stranger who after release from prison decides to take a stand and fight back. Using his unparalleled martial arts skills and calling on the teachings of his ex-cell mate mentor Tiano (Van Damme) Hong begins his savage campaign for justice, taking on the brute force of the gangs and the notorious corrupt police chief Mr V (Weller).

“Dragon Eyes” hits DVD and Blu-Ray on April 9, 2012 and Le hits “Sin City” over the fourth of July weekend

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