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Chinese Basketball Association 2012 All-Star Festivities

The CBA All-Star festivities have concluded.

In the Skills Challenge, China U19 star and potential NBA prospect Guo Ailun made it into the final round. Chen Jianghua didn’t make it past the first round.  PG Guo Ailun won the Skills Challenge and defended his title.

In the 3-pointer Shooting Contest, Zhu Yanxi, Sun Jie and Lester Hudson make it into the final round. Aaron Brooks scored 15 points but didn’t make it into the final round. Zhu Yanxi had a high of 21 points in the first round.  Potential Rookie of the Year Zhu Yanxi won the 3-point Shooting Contest with 17 points in the final round.

In the Slam Dunk Contest, Chang Lin, Yan Pengfei and Zhao Tailong qualified for the final tonight, while Yang Wenbo, Tian Yuxiang and Meng Xianglong got eliminated.
Former San Diego highschool standout Chang Lin scored a perfect 50 points with a 360 degree windmill dunk.  However, Zhao Tailong won the slam dunk contest.

In the Rising Stars game, the Northern team is coached by Stephon Marbury and the Southern team is coached by another former NBA player, Wang Zhizhi. The Northern team won 105-88. Guo Ailun was picked as the MVP with 30 points, 6 assists and 7 rebounds. Potential Rookie of the Year Zhai Xiaochuan scored 12 points, 13 rebounds.


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