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Cue the Black Widow: Jeanette Lee puts a spin on pool at Cobblestones

Jeanette Lee‘s nickname, The Black Widow, came from one of her first days at a New York City pool hall.

The young girl dressed in black might have looked innocent and sweet, but when she attracted an opponent to her table her demeanor and eyes changed. She could clear a table and devour an opponent. Lee laughed when she re-told the story before a standing-room-only crowd for an appearance at Cobblestones on Wednesday.

“I didn’t get it,” Lee said to the crowd. “You know in New York, we have cockroaches and rats, we don’t have a lot black widows.”

She made her debut as a professional pool player at age 21. She can joke now that she became obsessed with playing pool. She would perfect her form by practicing her shot with a cue in the subway. She taped her hand with black electrical tape so she would not forget the way her fingers should feel when she shot. By age 23, she had become the No. 1-ranked female pool player in the world. She always brings her best pool cues.

Despite her attire, dressed from head to toe in black, this wasn’t a tour of force. Wearing black stiletto heels, black leggings and a shirt that could best be described as almost a blouse, Lee talked about overcoming…

via Cue the Black Widow: Jeanette Lee puts a spin on pool at Cobblestones – The York Daily Record.


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