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Runningback Bryan Kariya scores a touchdown against Hawaii

In BYU’s regular season finale, running back Bryan Kariya rushed for 24 yards on 3 carries and scored a touchdown in a win over Hawaii 41-20. Bryan Kariya has been an asset or the BYU ground game for the last several years. Kariya was named to the All-Academic Team. With a 3.9 GPA and a major in Chinese with a minor in business, Kariya plans to head out to dental school after his BYU career is over. Last season, Kariya was the only Division I running back named Academic All-American by ESPN. Kariya leads the team in rushing touchdowns with six and has 67 carries for 271 yards. Kariya also has 12 catches for 84 yards and one touchdown.

BYU will play in a bowl game against Tulsa on Dec 30th, 2011.

via – GAME WEEK: BYU at Hawaii.


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