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If Cung Le is nervous about making his UFC debut, he isn’t showing it.

If Cung Le is nervous about making his UFC debut, he isn’t showing it.

Cung Le is keeping it decidedly light leading up to his UFC debut against Wanderlei Silva. With a 17-month break between his win over Scott Smith in Strikeforce in June ’10 and this weekend’s UFC 139, it’s clear Le spent at least some of his down time writing up prepared material to entertain fans and media.

When asked if finally getting an opportunity to fight the Octagon makes it feel like he’s starting his whole MMA career anew, Le said he hoped that wasn’t the case.

“For my first MMA fight, I threw up in the back,” he said. “I hope I don’t throw up this time, because when I throw up, it comes out my nose too and it’s really bad. So, I’m going to try to skip on the throwing up.”

Le also cracked on his training (“I’ve been chasing my kids, because they help me get in shape”), his game plan (“Bring the lightning, followed by the thunder”) and what it’ll feel like to make his promotional debut in front of hometown fans (“It’s like the top of the food chain. I finally got here, now I just gotta eat the food”).

One topic on which Le briefly played it straight, however, was Silva. The former Pride champ may have lost six of his last eight fights, but Le said he expects it’ll still be serious business in the cage this weekend.

“Wanderlei’s back is against the wall,” he said. “He’s probably more dangerous now because it’s do or die for him.”

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